SUMMARY: Mail Gateways

From: Ian Camm (
Date: Wed Mar 29 1995 - 23:45:29 CST

Dear Sun Managers,

A couple of days ago I asked a question about MS-Mail to SMTP gateways
and although some replies are still filtering. I have decided to write
the summary now as a decision could be months away. I will send a follow-up
summary with my findings then.

We have not yet tried ANY of these products and I have no recommendations
myself and I do not know the exact costs of any of them. We will, however,
look at all of the products mentioned below. One thing to be aware of though
is that most of them require require a dedicated machine which will up the

I had a couple of messages saying "If you can change try this ....". This
is, unfortunately, not an option as we already have quite a large MS-Mail
network that would cost to much time/effort and probably money to alter.
One person also warned me of some things to watch with MS-Mail screwing up
mail re-direction. There was also one request for a summary.

Most people have recommended Microsofts' gateway product (called Gateway to
SMTP?) though I have personal mis-givings on this for no logical reason except
that it's from Microsoft :-). I will, however, give it a fair review because
of the recommendations.

Sun's Netra server has also been mentioned - I knew of this product but it
did not occur to me for this application.

A company called C2C also do a gateway though I don't know what's it's called
and have so far not been able to contact them. I was given Steve Hawkins
and Dave Hunt as contact names on (44) 0491 410666.

StarNine do an Appletalk MS-Mail gateway but not a P.C. one (I don't really
understand that but then I don't know what StarNine really do :-). Contact
them at .

One suggestion was to use Novell's UnixWare and ,although I am not sure how
that can help us, we do have an un-used copy on site so we will probably
look at this.

There is also a product from Paragon Software called InterOFFICE Message
Exchange. Contact Peter Winder (UK) at or on
(44) 01635 861111. This one I already new about and was not mentioned by

Many thanks to all of the respondants who are listed below and any others
I might have missed.


Ian Camm
Senior Systems Administrator Tel:+44 161 230 6262
Computer Services Group Fax:+44 161 230 6276
Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited
Manchester, England

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