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From: Matthew Higgins (matt@ecr.mu.oz.au)
Date: Wed Mar 29 1995 - 05:59:48 CST


My original question read in part:


A person with an LX is having trouble booting it:

the message reads -

"Warning hwc_parse : no expansion for class scsi"

Despite my having neglected to mention that the LX was running
Solaris 2.3 I received 3 replies:

Kevin.Sheehan@uniq.com.au who said that I may have trouble in /kernel/drv,
in particular the .conf files.
Mike.Sullivan@Eng.Sun.COM who pointed me at /kernel/drv/classes for Solaris
2.3 and interestingly enough he also told me that in Solaris 2.4 the same
file is known as /etc/driver_classes.

"The problem is that the scsi disk driver claims it has a parent
of class 'scsi', but the kernel can find no driver that handles
drivers of class 'scsi'."
z056716@uprc.com (LaCoursiere J. D. (Jeff)) who had had the problem and
reinstalled his OS after a "driver install choked and I had to crash the
machine" after which all was fine.

I had another partition on a PMO containing the root partition stuff so I
booted from CDROM and mounted both the original and the backup and
sure enough the /kernel/drv/classes file was one of the
ones I'd had to clear with an fsck along with /kernel/drv/log which I also
copied. It boots up fine now (well there's a bootup message about
"conslog_..." but I'll have a look at it next time I go the 20km to
visit the LX).

Thanks very much for the replies,


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