Summary update - format.dat entry for Quantum "EMPIRE 2100s" scsi drive

From: Randy Finch (
Date: Tue Mar 28 1995 - 03:13:02 CST

Summary Update -

Jing Zhang supplied me with the parameters obtained from the manufacture's,
Quantum, BBS. He noted that parameters supplied by Quantum is significantly
different from the one supplied by Paul Hostrup-Jessen.

Jing Zhang was unsuccessful in using the parameters supplied by Paul
Hostrup-Jessen. In fact, Jing's brand new disk produced write errors. Jing
re-formatted with the parameters obtained from Quantum to rectify his problem.

I have been using the parameters obtained from Paul Hostrup-Jessen since
Feb. 15, 1995 without any problems, and I do not see a need to re-format
my disk with Quantum's parameters.

I have updated this summary to include the new parameters obtained from Jing
Zhang. I hope this has not inconvenience anyone.

Original question:

> >Anyone have a format.dat for a Quantum EMPIRE scsi drive, model # 2100s?
> >FYI: My Operating System is "SunOS Release 4.1.3 A".

Answer from Paul Hostrup-Jessen (

Paul received the parameters from the local Danish Quantum vendor who used a
program called "scsi-info" to detect the necessary parameters. Paul mentioned
that these parameters has not given him any problems and that "scsi-info"
normally produces satisfactory results.

 disk_type = "Quantum Empire 2100S" \
        : ctlr = SCSI : fmt_time = 5 \
        : trks_zone = 12 : atrks = 0 : asect = 4 \
        : ncyl = 2497 : acyl = 2 : pcyl = 3053 : nhead = 12 : nsect = 137 \
        : rpm = 5400 : bpt = 80556

Answer from Jing Zhang (

You posted a summary some weeks back on the formatting parameter for the
quantum Empire 2100s disk drive. It turns out that it is significantly
different from the one supplied by the manufacture obtainable through BBS.

I have tried the parameter in you summary in the first instance. This has
produced write errors on a brand new disk. Re-formatting the disk with
the parameter obtained from Quantum has rectified the problem.

The parameter supplied by quantum is as follows,

disk="Quantum Empire 2100S"\
  : ctlr=SCSI\
  : ncyl=1887 : acyl=2 : pcyl=1889 : nhead=25 : nsect=87 \
  : rpm=5400

My thanks to the following people:
        Paul Hostrup-Jessen ( who emailed the entry above
        Mark Allyn ( for his suggestion
        Jing Zhang ( for the manufacture supplied entry

Thanks again for the help and the quick response!!


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