summary:NFS Mount Convention.

Date: Sat Mar 25 1995 - 06:54:54 CST

My original question was

1) Is it better to do one large nfs mount of /home with all the users home
directory (or) should each home directory be mounted seperately on nfs clients.

2) Same as above for applications. Also if it was customary to use
/usr/local/app-name as the mount point for applications.

Thanks to all of you who answered. I got several replies.

The majority of the answers were:

Yes, it is better to do one single nfs mount of /home instead of mounting each
home directory seperately to prevent unnecessary nfs traffic.

Yes, it is better to mount applications as /usr/local/app-name by mounting
a big /apps directory on the server with all applications as /usr/local

Many people asked me to use automounter if I were not already using it. I was
already using the automounter.

thanks again for your responses.

Ramesh Radhakrishnan
UNIX Systems Administrator
Netrix Corporation
Herndon, VA-22071
Ph: 703-793-1074

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