Solaris x86 and uucp - SUMMARY

From: Alan Robson (
Date: Thu Mar 23 1995 - 02:05:29 CST

Thanks to everyone who replied. The problem is now fixed. I included:

        "" P_ZERO

in the Dialers chat script and the problem went away. You can put it in
the Systems chat script instead, and that works just as well but I feel
the Dialers solution is more elegant and I've stuck with that.

I was also advised that I can explicitly set line characteristics with:

        "" STTY=this'n'that

in the Dialers script as well. As it happens i don't need this; the line
settings are fine, but I mention it for completeness sake.

Thank you to everybody who replied - you solved a very knotty problem
for me and I appreciate your efforts.

Best wishes


Alan Robson
The Internet Company of New Zealand.

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