SUMMERY third hdd on ss 2

From: Vinay Kumar Gupta (
Date: Fri Mar 24 1995 - 00:11:58 CST

Hi all.
I got total of ten reply ( never got this much when i was on list )
but 7 of them indicating format.dat. I forget to tell you that
we are already using same type of drives in SS-10 and S-4 workstations.

Vipin Chadha send me commands to slow down the scsi by
        adb -w /vmunix
        scsi_option ?0X58

2 person indicating drive itself is bad, and that seems to the most
appropiate answer to me as one HP2247 drive is working as third drive in
the same machine and in the same conditions.

Thanks to
        Boyd Flctchers
        Vikram Dutta
        Bob Yamaguchi
        Jeff Woolsey
        Russ Poffenberger
        Vipin Chadha
        Paul Hostrup
        Ulla Fischer
        Dean Mararian

Original Question was,

Dear Sun Managers,

I want to install third Harddisk on a SS-2 machine running
SUN OS 4.1.3. Existing two HardDisks are
Seagate ST1480N SCSI ID 0
HP 2247 SCSI ID 2
Third HardDisk is going to be HP 3323A.
First two Harddisk are on internal SCSI channels without
any terminators on it. Disk i am planning to add is on an
external shoebox. If i add this disk and run format i get
the message like :...

sd1c: Error for command 'read'
sd1c: Error Level: Fatal
sd1c: Block 2069886, Absolute Block: 2056008
sd1c: Sense Key: Illegal Request
sd1c: Error for command 'write'
sd1c: Error Level: Fatal

Do anybody have any SCSI path inside the SS 2 machine ?
Whereall i should put the terminators ? I already tried
third disk with and without terminators.
What the error message means?
Is SS-2 capable of supporting three harddisks?

Please reply to me directly by email.I am not on the list,
but will send the SUMMERY.

Thanks for any and all help.

Vinay Kumar Gupta

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