SUMMARY: Mac disks on Sparc.

From: That Whispering Wolf... (
Date: Wed Mar 22 1995 - 19:40:42 CST

The question I originally asked was (somewhat paraphrased):

        How can you read mac disks on a SUN Sparcstation?

I got back about a dozen messages reccomending that the mac folks save
in MS-DOS format, two reccomendations of the "Mac Application Enviromnent"
for Slowlaris, two questions/wisecracks about my login name, and one "me

Unfortunately, none of these solutions is feasable: The folks generating
the disks are some 800 miles away, and _insist_ that they can only save
in mac format. This may be clueless operators (I suspect), or old software,
it's not something I can easilly change. The Mac Application Environment
sounds interesting, except that a) It runs only under Slowlaris (which
I won't touch), and b) neither message says specifically that this will
let me read mac floppies, so I still have to wonder.

The bottom line is, though, that no, the hardware isn't capable of reading
the mac variable-speed floppies, and to get to the data, they'd have to write
it in some other format. Which, for me, means that I've got to go with the
8-hour turnaround time solution of having a friend in another department
extract the data for me.

Thanks to all that replied.


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