Summary: Accessing Ethernet Printer

From: Randy Finch (
Date: Wed Mar 22 1995 - 02:47:43 CST

The response was great! I installed the HP JetDirect software to use with
my existing HP JetDirect Card. It works like a champ.


1) Do you need software like NewsPrint to talk with a printer?
        "Tim Wort" <tim@tech.Access.COM>
        NeWSprint can print Sun raster files, PostScript files and ascii
        files to the HP printer even if it doesn't support PostScript. But if
        the printer is PostScript, you probably do not need it.

        NeWSprint also provides a Develper's Kit for adding new devices to
        your network -- without driver-specific knowledge; filters for UNIX
        file formats; software support for a other printers; etc.

2) Is there a way to send a job directly to the printer over TCP/IP
   without using software like NewsPrint?
           YES! You can use HP JetDirect software (hpnp) to talk
        with the HP LaserJet 4si/Mx over TCP/IP via HP's JetDirect
        Card which supports TCP/IP.

3) If I need software like NewsPrint, then has anyone downloaded
   any software off the internet? If yes, then could you please
   tell me the pros and cons of this freeware.

        The HP JetDirect software is available via anonymous FTP from

        PROS: Available via anonymous FTP; Easy to configure and use.

        CONS: (Based on email I received)
                1) "Lisa M. Frye" <>
                        printing large files would restart file from the
                        beginning several times before printing the entire
                        file. HP provided me with a new binary file hpnpf
                        which seems to have corrected the problem.

                2) "Brian Terry" <>
                        If you have not already bought an ethernet interface
                        for it, I would suggest NOT getting the new external
                        HP JetDirect cards. My sys admin who has put in a
                        couple of them tells me that they only take IP addresses
                        via bootp, which is a pain to run for one printer if
                        you are not using it already for xterms, etc.

Thank you one and all:

        Tim Wort <tim@tech.Access.COM> suggested JetAdmin, Milan Fastport (Steve Ozoa) suggested JetAdmin
                                        ( (Stephen Hauskins)
                suggested JetAdmin for printing to HP IVMPluses and just IV over TCP/IP network. (Sean Ward) suggested JetAdmin. This software
                will configure the printer to sit on the network and speak
                lpd, which in turn enables the Sun to print directly to the HP
                as a remote device. Ergo, a printcap entry looks something
                like this:
                        HP printer:\
                                :rm=<hp printer hostname>:\
                                :rp=<hp printer hostname>:\
                                :sd=<some spooling directory>:\
        "Brian Terry" <> suggested a card/box that
                supports direct assignment of IP addresses.
                suggested NOT getting JetAdmin (see CONS #2 above).
        "Lisa M. Frye" <> suggested HP software hpnp
                (JetAdmin). For problems see CONS #1 above.
        Manjeet_Singh <>
                I am using hpnp software available via anonymous ftp from
       (pub/jet?direct). (Normand Ranger) requested summary (Timothy A. Auch)
                We use a Fastport by Milan. It's a device that sits
                on the Ethernet (it has its own IP address). The
                printer connects to it. We've been using it for several
                years without any problems. Both Suns and Novell
                servers talk to it. Software you need comes with the Fastport.
        Jesse Adam <jaa@pollux.GEOG.UCSB.EDU> get software from HP
Thank you again,


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