SUMMARY: Can't make kernel

From: Dan Penrod (
Date: Wed Mar 22 1995 - 02:01:35 CST

Sun Managers:

I got my kernel built and all is well with the world. :-) In brief, I
was trying to simply build the GENERIC kernel on my SPARCstation 1+, which
was recently upgraded to Solaris 1.1.1 (SunOS 4.1.3_1U). The make was
failing at link time with the following error message...

> loading vmunix
> ld: param.o: _maxasynchio: multiply defined
> *** Error code 2
> make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `vmunix'

I had no idea what it meant or how to fix it.

So far I've only received one reply to my problem (more always trickle in
later) but it held the key to my problem. Phil Gaskell wrote me...

> I dont know what your problem actually is but "multiply defined"
> means that _maxasynchio is defined in more than one place!!!! I simply went in and docced out the known reference in the source
file (/usr/kvm/sys/sun4c/GENERIC/param.c)...

> #ifdef ASYNCHIO
> #include <sys/asynch.h>
> /* int maxasynchio = MAXSYNCHIO; -drp */
> #endif ASYNCHIO

...and recompiled. It compiled and linked without error or warnings and
the new kernel works like a charm.

I'm not sure who to blame for the initial problem; clearly we shouldn't have
to go in an modify kernel source code to make the GENERIC kernel. I'm
bewildered as to why it was messed up in the first place. As I alluded in
my original query, this was all the result of me failing to be able to install
some new scanning software (PixelFX from Mentalix) which has an install
program which remakes the kernel. Maybe that install program changed
something. After I was able to make the GENERIC kernel I went back and made
the change in /usr/kvm/sys/sun4c/MENTALIX/param.c and compiled the Mentalix
kernel. Now everything works.

Thanks to Phil Gaskell (
and any other managers who may have answered but whom I haven't
heard from yet.


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