Summary: Unknown host loghost

From: BURKH (
Date: Mon Mar 20 1995 - 04:50:09 CST

Hi Sun-Managers,

this was my original posting:

>Hi Sun-Managers,
>I have just installed Solaris 2.4. After rebooting I got
>following message:
>syslogd: line 30: unknown host loghost
>Can someone tell me what went wrong during the
>My /etc/hosts contains the entry loghost.

I got a few advices. The combination of them, helped me to
fix the problem. The problem existed only on machines
running NIS.

In the original /etc/hosts the "loghost" entry was an alias
for the real hostname and not for the loopback address This changed when I installed patch 101945-13.

After rebooting the machine the problem was still there. So
I changed the entry in nsswitch.conf:

hosts: nis [NOTFOUND=return] files


hosts: files nis [NOTFOUND=return].

This was the solution.

Many thanks to

Neil Greene
Cynthia Shang
Casper Dik
Peter Bestel
Wolfgang Leideck
Michael Pope
Ray Trzaska
Josh Personius
Stan Hoffman
Thomas E. Rivera
Yves Hardy

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