SUMMARY: Perf. tuning Solaris

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Date: Mon Mar 20 1995 - 16:35:24 CST

Well...not really a summary. I only received requests for the Tuning Overview
mentioned in the original mail (see below). I would still like to hear from
those with buffer cache tuning experience...many thanks.

For those that requested the Sun Performance Tuning Overview, you can either
pull it off sunsolve_2_4_2, doc 1130 (stb) or possibly order it directly
from Sun (part no: 801-4872-07).

FYI, I think Adrian Cockcroft's book based on this Sun technical bulletin
in now in press ISBN: 0-13-149642-5 (~$60.00).

> Hi,
> I'd like to hear from anyone who has experience tuning/tweaking the buffer
> cache or paging algorithm on Solaris 2.3/2.4. I've read through Cockcroft's
> tuning overview, which I found *very* helpful...I'd just like to hear some
> true life stories. If this is archived someplace or there are docs/books
> particularly worthwhile, I'd welcome that info too.

many thanks,


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