Summary: Sun to HP printing

From: Jeff Hildebrandt (
Date: Sat Mar 18 1995 - 01:56:00 CST

The Problem: Could not setup print environment from Sun Solaris 2.3
to Hp700 running 9.05. The Hp700 had a printer attached to it and the
print environment works from other HP's.

The Solution: To allow a Sun Solaris 2.3 station to print to a HP
that has a printer attached to it -- run the following commands on
the Sun Solaris machine.

# lpsystem -t bsd <hostname_of_hp>
# /usr/lib/lpadmin -p <printer_name> -s <hostname_of_hp>!<printer_name>
# enable <printer_name>
# /usr/lib/accept <printer_name>
# /usr/lib/lpshut
# /usr/lib/lpsched

The key to this is you must treat the HP as a "bsd" station. This is set
with the lpsystem command using the "-t" option -- this option should
be set to "bsd". I was not setting this option and the default value of
it is "s5" which stands for "SunOS 5.x". To tell you the truth, when I
saw "s5", I thought it stood for "system 5" because the other option was
"bsd" -- and a HP is a "system 5" machine! Anyway, once I started treating
the HP as a "bsd" machine, everything worked fine.

Thanks for all of the responses out there. I received about 7-8 that helped
put me on the right track.

Jeff Hildebrandt

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