SUMMARY: Redeployment of GDM-1662B monitors?

From: Robert J. Cronin (
Date: Thu Mar 16 1995 - 05:30:37 CST

My question was about attaching Sun GDM-1662B monitors to PCs or
Macintoshs. (original post at end)

PC cards suggested:
   Mercury X1 graphics card
   #9 64bit graphics card (Not yet actually tested by responder.)
   as-yet un-specified PC card from Access Graphics
               (Details to come when responder returns to office.)
   DEC ZLXp-E 24 (PCI based videocard used on DEC AXP AlphaStation 200)
   AT Video card Video Seven Spea 1280
Macintosh cards suggested:
> You might try NuData, Ultra, or CS Electronics for the cables.
> You can source the cable from Redmond Cables, Redmond WA

Apparently the main gotcha is that the Sun monitors are not multi-sync,
and therefore the PC video card must be able to adjust its refresh rate
to match. (76Hz ?)

One person suggested:
> You need to flip some switch inside the case (if they're the big 19"
> Hitachi monitors.) See the linux hardware how-to faq for pointers.
[I tried for the "linux hardware how-to faq", but came up empty.]

Another said:
> I also know that most videocards can be programmed into a certain scan
> rate , at least XFree86 on my Linux box at home can drive my old Sun
> 19" Hitachi monitor

And another:
> The bad news is that the monitors are fixed frequency and cannot be
> used with standard vga cards. The only source I came up for interface
> cards was selling them for about $3,000 each - far more expensive than
> the equivalent PC Monitors.

The ONLY Mac mention:
> There was one company that made a video card for Macintosh's a few
> years ago, but it didn't turn out to work too well.

The most detailed response came from < (Dennis
Schwindt)>. His company sells the Mercury X1 graphics card. An
excerpt from his E-mail:

> Works with all fixed scan monitors including IBM, Mitsubishi,
> Hitachi, Sony, Sun, HP, Verticom, DEC, Taxan, Phillips, Apollo,
> Silicon Graphics, Intergraph, Aydin, Amtron, Monotronix, etc.
> Replaces old boards from Artist, Numbers, Nth, Verticom, Photon,
> BNW, VMI, Matrox, Metheus, Mirage, Graphax, Imagraph, TAT, etc.
> Works with all multi-scan monitors
> Has an S3 801 graphics accelerator for great performance.
> Capable of 48KHz fixed, 64KHz fixed, or multi-scanning output all on
> the same boards. Up to 72Hz vertical refresh rate.
> Can output to 3, 4, or 5 BNC.
> 100% register level VGA, EGA, and CGA text and graphics compatable.
> Supports VESA BIOS standard.
> Available in ISA and VESA local bus versions.
> 2MB of on-board memory.
> Can even run gray-scale monitors.
> The cards sell for $475.00 for ISA or VLB versions.

Thanks to all who read my request, and especially to the respondents:
        Harold Sims <>
        Tim Wort <tim@tech.Access.COM>
        Benoit Dicaire <>
        "Henry J. Kovalcik" <henry@ECE.concordia.CA> (Craig Hunt)
        bernards@ECN.NL (Marcel A. Bernards)
        citicds!cntower! (Arash Jahangir) (Ed Andrea)
        Jon Howell <>
        Adrian Cole/Computervision
           <Adrian_Cole/> >> (Lead *) (Dennis Schwindt)

For those who asked for copies of any info I got: If this summary is
not enough, drop me a note and I will pass on the original responses in
their entirety.


Bob Cronin

Original Posting:
> We are presently migrating a lot of users from SPARCstation IPX's to
> Pentium boxes running WindowsNT. 8-o
> As a result, we are left with a lot of high quality color monitors
> (GDM-1662B), which we would like to put to new use.
> Is it possible to use these monitors on PC's and/or Macintosh's?
> Would someone be so kind as to explain the ramifications of trying to
> re-use these monitors? If they can be re-used, what display
> resolutions do they support?
> Pointers to vendors of cables, etc. would also be welcome.

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