SUMMARY:SHMEM on Solaris 2.3/2.4

From: Lau, Victoria H (
Date: Thu Mar 16 1995 - 05:00:15 CST

I was overwhelmed by all of you kind folks helping me with my first
attempt to migrate from SunOS to Solaris. Thank you very much for
your fast responses. I know there must be folks out there who are going
through similar "growing pain" so here's the summary of all the
good solutions I received:

My original question was:

> I need to set the share memory variable in /etc/system to run Oracle
> on Solaris 2.3/2.4. I added the following line, among others, in
> /etc/system:
> set shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=8388608
> After I rebooted the system, ipcs reported no memory facility in the
> system:
> IPC status from ....
> Shared Memory facility not in system
> How do I instruct the kernel to read /etc/system at boot up?


The facility is really there, and will get loaded the first time a call
is made to create a shared memory area.

It's just that ipcs can't force it to load. Put these in the /etc/system
    forceload: sys/msgsys
    forceload: sys/shmsys
    forceload: sys/semsys

Don't forget to make a backup copy of your /etc/system file
before rebooting so you have something to fall back on if your /etc/system
gets corrupted.

Reboot the system. You may need to reboot it with "boot -r" at the
monitor prompt, or:

    # reboot -- -r
    # reboot "-r"
    (be sure to put double quotes to pass this option to the PROM level
     boot command)

To check the kernel for max shmem (or other settings like maxusers):

    # grep shminfo_shmmax /etc/system
    set shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=131072000

    # adb -k /dev/ksyms /dev/mem
    physmem 3fd7c
    shminfo_shmmax: 131072000

Check "tunable parameters" in the Solaris AnswerBook for more info on
these parameters.

Once again, thanks for all of the above info.

Vicky Lau, Fullerton, CA

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