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Date: Thu Mar 16 1995 - 01:34:49 CST

Hi Managers,

   My original questions are:

> we are running SUN OS 4.1.3 on Sparc 2 server, and also we patitioned
> the home directory into home1 & home2 i.e half of the user's directories are
> in home1 and the other are in home2. Yesterday, I tried to move one user's
> directory in home1 to home2 because the diskspace of home1 had been full.
> I opened two file-managers windows under root environment and moved the
> user's directory crossed file-manegers. The thing happend is that the user's
> directory is missing and the disk space used still remained the same. My question is :
> (1) How to make the account alive again without restoring from backup?
> (2) If the restoring has to be done, how to free the space that the user's
> directory was located?
> Thanks for all kinds help!
and I have received some suggestions. They are:

(1)Look at the thrash can. Your file exists in the thrash can and is not actually
deleted. You can either remove it from the thrash can or can clear the
thrash can and reinstall from backup.

(2)Complete directories where put into some "lost+found" for unknown
reason or after a system crash.
After the 3rd or 4th time you klick on a folder and see it disapear,
we complety banned Filemanager usage , and have been stable since then.
so for (1) - find the lost+found that contains the missing usersand
move WITH SHELL COMMANDS to the place wanted; (2) delete the files in
lost+found .

(3)I'm sure this has been mentioned, but try looking (in the place the directory
was BEFORE you tried to move it...) for it with a pair of dots in front of
the directory - ie: /usr/home1/kevin might be /usr/home1/..kevin, and
invisible to the filemanager unless you turn on view:custom:show hidden files.
you could check it out with - cd /usr/home1
ls -a
    ^show "hidden/invisible" files

Unfortunately, I still can not found it in trash-can, lost+found and /home1.
It seems I have to restore it from backup. But I am wondering how to free the
space that still occupied by the missing directory. Looking for anwser eagerly!

Thanks for all help.

specially thanks to:
          Ashwin P. Rao <>
          Mark S. Anderson <>
          Rogerio Rocha <>


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