SUMMARY: utmp and utmpx files

From: Tomasz A. Piekarski (
Date: Wed Mar 15 1995 - 23:07:30 CST

Many thanks to those, who have helped me:

Frank Sommer <>
Normand Ranger <>
rauthenberg@HHI.DE (Stefan Rauthenberg) (Heggli Beat) (Dirk Boenning) (Josh Personius) (Steve Dickson)
Juergen Peus <>

The problem was:
I have a problem with updating information in /var/adm/utmp and utmpx
files in Solaris 2.3. Very often when quitting command or shell tool
the entry of the user process stay still active.
This affects commands like who, w, finger and causes problems when
executing write or talk (confusion with pseudo tty).
What is the method of rearranging this files in order to reflect real
user logins?

Patch 101615-02 didn't resolve that problem, as some of you have suggested.
I don't know the problem why.
But patch 101318-59 turned to work fine! There is no problem now.

Many thanks again,
virtually yours

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