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Date: Wed Mar 15 1995 - 19:38:49 CST

It looks managers out there do not use HP Laserjet and/or Jetadmin
utility. Out of the emails received, only one manager (Glenn Satchell)
had to offer me something; rest were "me-too" ! I am still working
on it and you are still welcome to share your ideas.

And now the (only) solution :
For the printer accounting you need to put an `:af=/some/file:' entry
in /etc/printcap. Then daily or weekly run the program `pac' to
summarise this file for you. pac is a standard sunos tool and performs
printer accounting. It should give you what you want plus a whole lot

I don't know about setting the hpnp information.


Glenn Satchell          

Well, it is not giving the type of output that I want. The file entry gives user-name, host-name and date but no info about file-name and file-size, whereas pac command gives nothing but 4 times total number of pages printed so far !

Here is the original question :


Hello Managers,

I have 2 questions :

1. Accounting :

I have set up a "HP Jaserjet 4siMx" printer with hpnpinstall utility in SunOS 4.1.3_U1 environment. This printer is also accessed by Mac users through AppleTalk. I wish to maintain a list of print jobs fired on it preferably in a single line format viz.

Date UserName FileName Size # of pages

Is there any option existing in jetadmin which can do this for me ? Is there any other utility existing ?

I have added the printer in the spooler using jetadmin utility. The printcap entry is as follows : lw:\ :mx#0:lp=/var/spool/lw/lw/.null:\ :sd=/var/spool/lw/lw:\ :sh:\ :lf=/var/spool/lw/lw/log:\ :of=/usr/lib/hpnp/\ :if=/usr/lib/hpnp/

2. Jetadmin Utility :

When I invoke jetadmin and wish to see Printer Status, I get the following response :

Printer Status -------------- Printer State : ready to print

Control Panel : 00 READY Line State : OnLine

Contact : not specified Location : not specified

I wish to add "Contact and Location" information. Is it only possible while creating configuration in BOOTP/TFTP database and not in Spooler config ? How do I put this information ?

I will summarize if there is enough interest.

Thanks ...manjeet

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