SUMMARY: Can I add another Model 30 MBus module to my SS10 Model 30 and get MP?

From: Don Jackson (dcj@churchill.Clark-Comm.COM)
Date: Wed Mar 15 1995 - 08:24:50 CST

And the answer is: No!

Many thanks to the 15+ people who took the time to answer my question....

Here are some of the interesting replies:


A Model number ending in "0" implies the module does not have a
SuperCACHE. In order to run those sorts of modules in an MP
configuration a couple of criteria must be satisfied:

        a) The module revision must be greater than a certain level

        b) A prom containing a sufficiently up-rev OpenBoot must
           be installed in the system.

A Model 30 cpu is not likely to to be up-rev enough nor is the
machine likely to contain the correct version of OBP.


As per the info I have with me, there are 2 types of SS10 Model 30 Modules.
One running at 33MHz and another running at 36 MHz. The SS10 clock speed has
to be changed to 66 or 72 MHz respectively to run these modules.
In your case, you say that you are trying to add 2 modules. It could be
that the modules are of different speeds. The 33MHz model has part number
501-1889 whereas the 36MHz has the number 501-2239. Try running the system
with the new module. If it fails, set the clock speed to the appropriate
value and then check. However, if the 2 modules are of different speeds, then
there is no way you can put both of them together.


The following MBus modules can't be used to get MP in a SS10:
                   part #
    Model 20 501-2218
    Model 30 501-2239
    Model 40 501-2219
    Model 40 501-2358

The following MBus modules can be used to get MP in a SS10:
    Model 40 (part # 501-2570), 41, 51, 61, 71 and 91

You don't have to do anything else than put the second processor
in the mashine to get MP. All processors in one machine should
be of type and speed, ie. don't mix model 40 and model 41.


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Subject: Can I add another Model 30 MBus module to my SS10 Model 30 and get MP?
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From: Don Jackson <dcj@churchill>

I have a SS10 Model 30 running Solaris 2.4

I have a 2nd Model 30 MBus module, can I install it in the 2nd MBus slot
and get MP? Do I need to change anything first?

Before sending this message, I just tried it. It did not seem like the
machine was going to boot (I waited a long time for the power on monitor
display to appear, it didn't, so I got nervous, powered off, and yanked
the 2nd processor)

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