SUMMARY: How to change the disk that the machine boots from ?

From: Don Jackson (dcj@churchill.Clark-Comm.COM)
Date: Wed Mar 15 1995 - 07:10:33 CST

Everybody had the right answer, which is:

        Try using the 'eeprom' command.

        For example:

                eeprom boot-device = disk1

                disk = scsi 3
                disk1 = scsi 1

        Or, if at the OK prompt, do:

                setenv boot-device = disk1

I was incorrect, there was nothing on the drive itself that indicates
that it is the boot disk. The real source of my confusion was that
I thought that SCSI 1 was the default boot disk, and when I moved it to
SCSI 3, and installed a new disk as SCSI 1 with Solaris 2.4 on it, that it
would do the right thing. But, as I learned, the default boot disk is SCSI3,
so when I moved 1 to 3, this had no affect. Running the above commands
changed the default boot disk to SCSI 1, which solved the problem.

Many, many thanks to the 30+ people who answered my question.

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Subject: How to change the disk that the machine boots from ?
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Date: Thu, 09 Mar 1995 07:29:46 PST
From: Don Jackson <dcj@churchill>


In the process of upgrading a SS10 machine from SunOS 4.1.3 to Solaris
2.4, I installed a new disk at SCSI target 1 where I installed Solaris,
and moved the original boot disk from SCSI target 1 to SCSI target 3.

During the Solaris installation process, I got a message that it thought
that the disk at target 3 was the boot disk, and that I may have
problems booting! Sure enough, the machine always trys to boot on target 3.
There must be some indication on the drive itself that it is the boot disk....

Anyway, I would like to configure my machine to boot from scsi target 1.
I know how to manually boot from target 1, but how do I get the machine
to do this automatically?

1) How can I change the bootdisk designation on the drive itself?
2) Failing that, can I specify the boot disk in eeprom?

Here are the (I think) relevent entries from the machine's eeprom

boot-file: data not available.
nvramrc: data not available.

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