SUMMARY: keyserv

From: Matt Sherek (
Date: Tue Mar 14 1995 - 08:50:43 CST

Not a very good summary because it will be no help but I thought maybe people
may be looking for it.

I ended up rebooting the machine. Not the answer I was looking for since this
was a high use machine, but what are you gonna do.

Had three answers:

1 - Me too
1 - Misunderstood my question
1 - Reboot

Thanks for at least responding, at least I know someone reads these things other
than me.

Matt Sherek
Fingerhut Companies

My original posting:

I've got a weird problem and was wondering if anyone else has seen it.
Everytime I, or one of my users, log onto one of our machines they get:

"Could not set secret key for The key server may
be down."

I figured, OK, the keyserv is deamon is messed so I stoped and restarted it.
No help. I then figured maybe the creds for the machine may be messed in NIS+.
A long shot, I know, but still no help. I also stopped and started nis_cachemgr,
another long shot but still no help.

This is on an SS2000 running 2.3 with the keyserv patch 101620-01. I've searched
sunsolve to no avail. Help please!

Matt Sherek
Fingerhut Companies

Oh yeah, I also get this when I try to keylogin -r.
Could not set's secret key
May be the keyserv is down?
Wrote secret key into /etc/.rootkey

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