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Date: Tue Mar 14 1995 - 09:05:43 CST

My apologies if you have already received this message. I just
received some mail telling me that my previous message to you was
undeliverable, hopefully this one gets thru.

The original question:

>We have an adic DAT autochanger, Model 1200. The stacker has a
>random access mode which we'd like to take advantage of. My problem
>is what software is around that will let me talk to the stacker
>giving it various commands, like advance 1 or x tapes. To go back a
>tape or two.
>I'm sure there is software already out there that does this. I'd
>appreciate any pointers in this direaction.
>Thanks in advance,
> Sue

Thanks to all those who replied so promptly. Sorry for my delay in
sending this summary, I've been off sick.

Quite a few recommended various software packages to manage the entire
backup system. While a couple pointed me in the direction of drivers.

Recommended backup system software:
- -------------------------

- -------------------------
Networker - wyckoffs@CC.IMS.DISA.MIL

- -------------------------
Backup Copilot -
  doesn't support random access

- -------------------------
Epoch Enterprise Backup product -

- -------------------------
Kevin Sheehan
Uniq Professional Services Pty Ltd ACN 056 279 335 | Why Not?
PO Box 70, Paddington, NSW 2021, (Sydney) Australia |
W: +61-2-380-6360 Fax: +61-2-380-6416 Pager: +61-16-287-000 |

Uniq Professional Services is pleased to announce Version 2.3 of the
Sun Common SCSI Architecture (SCSA) Generic Driver Package (SG). SG
has many features not found in other drivers, and is well worth the
time saved in development and debug. It was created by a group of
experts on Sun drivers to make use of the SCSA interface easier for
SCSI developers.

- -------------------------
Jonathan Corbet <>
We have a driver we got from Artecon (bundled with the ADIC drive). Works
great. Artecon is at 619-931-5527 in the US.
- -------------------------

Thanks again for your help.


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