SUMMARY: Better version of trace(1)?

From: Jeff Wasilko (
Date: Tue Mar 14 1995 - 06:57:26 CST

My original question was:

>Is there a better version of trace for Solaris 1.x that is
>more like truss from Solaris 2.x? I'm looking for the ability to follow
>child processes, plus the more informative output of truss...

A few people suggested strace (see below). I grabbed it and it was just
what I was looking for. It supports tracing of child processes, and
provides more readable output than the stock trace.

Thanks to everyone!

**** (Mark C. Henderson) wrote:
>Yes, it is called strace. I'm not the author, but I've made it available
>from and
>(strace also works nicely under Linux, for those who might care).

**** (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) wrote:
>The more informative output might be possible, but following child
>processes and such I *think* is only possible with the stuff in 2.x.
>We usually develop on 5.x and then test on 4.x where necessary. I don't
>suppose moving to 5.x for development is an option??


>From: (Mike Jipping)
>I believe that there is a "truss" for Solaris 1.x on


>From: William Charles <>
>You want `strace', written by
> P. Kranenburg
> Department of Computer Science
> Erasmus University Rotterdam
> P.O. Box 1738
> NL-3000 DR Rotterdam
> e-mail:

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