SUMMARY - Online Disksuite for Soalris 2.4

Date: Mon Mar 13 1995 - 00:57:56 CST

This list is great. I got numerous responses and the answer is

Online Disksuite is ONLY bundled with the Workgroup and Enterprise server
packages (in the separate CD called 'Server media kit') not on the desktop
Solaris 2.4 license. The package id is SUNWmd and its companion Answer
Book package is WUNWmdab.

It comes bundled with Sparcserver 1000, 2000. For other workstations, you
must order the server packages as opposed to the workstation packages.

Online Disksuite ODS-3.0 can be ordered separately from SunExpress for the
price of $950US.

Many thanks to

Casper Dik <>
Kevin Sheehan <>
Simon Shickman <>
Jas <>
Santithorn Bunchua <>
james Mularadelis <>
Garry D. Robbins <>
James Ashton <>
Henry Unger <>
Robert P. Weaver <>

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