SUMMARY: in.rlogind, in.telnetd problem with Sol 2.4

From: Jack Porter (
Date: Thu Mar 09 1995 - 14:19:31 CST


I had the following problem:

    Jack> Hi Sun Managers, I've just received a SPARCstation 5 with
    Jack> Solaris 2.4 pre-installed. When you try to rlogin or telnet
    Jack> into the machine (either from itself, or from a remote
    Jack> machine), the following occurs:

    Jack> scope# telnet localhost Trying ... Connected to
    Jack> localhost. Escape character is '^]'. telnetd: ioctl I_PUSH
    Jack> telmod: Invalid argument . Connection closed by foreign
    Jack> host.

Thanks to Nils Ellmenreich, Claude Scarpelli and Casper Dik for all contr-
ibuting to the solution.

Thanks also to Alexander Greiml who suggested allowing telnets for root by
editing /etc/default/login, but this didn't help.

All the responses were along the lines of the fact that the patch 102119-01
had been applied, but somehow, the kernel drivers had not been installed.
(I didn't install the patches, our sun supplier did!)

The new rlogind and telnetd's were therefore stuffing up. The solution was
to manually copy the drivers from the kernel/drv directory from the patch
CD to the directory /kernel/drv.

Then I issued the command "add_drv /kernel/drv/logindmux" and rebooted.
All was then fine.

I did try to re-apply the patch, but it bombed out half way through needing
some other patch, so I gave up and did it by hand :-).


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