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Date: Thu Mar 09 1995 - 05:39:36 CST

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I may be going crazy, but I would have sworn that sometime in the past year,
a note was posted to this list (perhaps as part of a SUMMARY) noting that
the non-SPARCWorks C compiler -- i.e., the the compiler alluded to when you
try to invoke /usr/ucb/cc -- was actually available on some Sun CD ..

I've searched thru all the SunManagers Summaries I've been saving for a year or so,
and can't find the note that might have had it.

What is the name of the "language optional software package"?
Is it on one of the Solaris CD's? If so, which one?

Did I just dream the whole thing up?

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Well, the answer to the question is "No, I'm not crazy, but I may well
have dreamed it up, but I have a useful answer anyway!"

The vast majority of responses I've gotten all said that $$$ needed to
be expended for the "language optional package", but that perhaps what
I had been thinking of was gcc which at the very least is on one of the

Well, "gcc" is *not* what I had in mind.

One person suggested the SPARCWorks package and I suppose I should provide
a tiny bit more background:

I manage a group of Sun SPARC's and one of them had its internal HD crash-and-
burn recently. It's been restored but I wasn't sure that everything was
back again. We *have* the whole SPARCWorks package but I thought I remembered
having seen the post that mentioned that the "lang. optional package" was
available, too.

Turns out I was sort of correct.

One person gave me the key:

} Look at the file /usr/ucb/cc, it is a shell script which looks for
} /usr/ccs/bin/ucbcc and calls it with all the ucb compile and library
} options. On my system I linked it to gcc, eg:
} % ls -l /usr/ccs/bin/ucbcc
} lrwxrwxrwx 1 root other 18 May 25 1994 /usr/ccs/bin/ucbcc -> /usr/local/bin/gcc
} It is not a special compiler at all.
} The compiler you are probably thingking about is the copy of gcc that
} was on one of the first CDware demo disks from Sun. That version is a
} little out of date now, I suggest you ask archie where to get a new
} copy from. The current version of gcc is something like 2.6.3.
} regards,
} --
} Glenn Satchell | There's a fine line

Now that I knew what to look for, I went back to my full backups and reloaded
/usr/ccs/bin/ucbcc. It turns out, however, that however it got set up, it
was a link to the SPARCWorks 'acc' module.

So, in conclusion:

1. there doesn't seem to have been a post like I thought I saw;
2. the "language optional package" costs $$ (and may just be SPARCWorks)
3. setting up the link from /usr/ccs/bin/ucbcc to either SPARCWorks C or
                gcc will complete the setup so that /usr/ucb/cc will work.

My thanks to all the folks who responded:

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