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Sorry this summary is a little late. I've been a bit busy lately
but I've got there in the end.

Original post:-

I've a Sun 2 running 4.1.1 on an internal network which accesses the
Internet via a gateway machine. Everytime the machine is rebooted
however I have to manully change the routing tables as follows:-

        % route add default 1
        add net default: gateway

Reading the manual for routed it appears I need to set up a file called
/etc/gateways which routed would read at root time to solve this problem.
This I have done but to no avail. /etc/gateways contains the entry:-

        net default gateway metric 1 passive

When routed starts I get no indication of any errors. I have checked
I have named the file correctly as it did not exist previously. It's OK.


I did make a typo, Sun 2 should have been Sparc 2, but I don't think
this made any difference to the outcome.

The vast majority of people pointed me to creating a /etc/defaultrouter file.
This I did.

I had to also add the following to rc.local as it wasn't in there. Probably
never was on 4.1.1 .

   if [ ! -f /sbin/route -a -f /etc/defaultrouter ]; then
           route -f add default `cat /etc/defaultrouter` 1

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