SUMMARY: Help!! Solaris 2.4 problem and need more HELP

From: Taeko Thompson (
Date: Thu Mar 09 1995 - 01:56:29 CST

Thank you for the reply mails. All the reply mails said
I need to check the permition of /tmp, /tmp/.x11-unix /tmp/.X11-pipe
directories to make sure those directories are writable to everybody.
I should have mentioned in my original mail that I did check those
permitions. When I checked them, they looked fine.
I also checked the permition and owner of /dev/null, Xsun, xinit.
And they are fine too. So I still need more help.

When I run OpenWindows as a regular user, /tmp/.x11-unix is created
by the user, but a named pipe called "X0" can not be created
under the directory and gives me the error messages said:

Creating Unix socket: Permission denied

Fatal server error:
Cannot establish unix listening socket
/usr/openwin/bin/xinit: Server error.

/tmp/.x11-unix is owned by the user and writable, so I do not understand why
'X0' can not be created.

Also, When I try to print as a regular user, my job goes to the queue without no problem.
But one of the NeWSprint process called 'xnews' does not start and gives
me the error messages said:

/opt/NeWSprint/printer_classes/SPARCprinter/C/ps/npcomm.T: news server wouldn't start

I checked 'xnews' permition and that was excutable by everybody.
I installed the latest 'lpr patch' and 'NeWSprint patch' for Solaris2.4.
And I asked SunSupport about this, but they have no clue.
I did checked 'lp' and 'lpr' permitions, and they looked fine. In fact I can print to a
remote printer from the host no problem.

So, if anybody has any idea, please let me know.
I really appreciate your help.

Taeko Thompson
US West Technologies, System Administration
Phone:  206-451-6238

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