Summary 9GB disk format

From: Dave Gouldner (
Date: Tue Mar 07 1995 - 03:02:22 CST


My original question was on how to increase the format time within 4.1.3
above 2 hours to allow for the formatting of a Seagate 9GB drive.

Some people suggested to use adb and some mentioned patch 101788 but this
is for Solaris 2.3.

The answer is to modify the /sys/scsi/targets/sddef.h file.
Locate the SD_FMT_TIME variable
Change 120 to 240 (minutes)
Rebuild the kernel, reboot and go.

Thanks to the following:

Tim Wort
David He
Zia Iqbal
Peter Cooke
Dan Stromberg
Craig Johnson
Jeff Wasilko

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