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From: Steve Ozoa (
Date: Mon Mar 06 1995 - 23:57:16 CST

My original question was:

>Due to medical problems (no, I don't know the specific condition), one of our
>users is having trouble using the standard Sun mouse. What is available in the
>way of alternative devices, stylus, track pad, etc? We've already tried a
>Microspeed trackball and gotten mixed results. The environment would be a
>sparc 10 or 20 currently running Solaris 1.1.x, but I'd also like to know about
>Solaris 2.x issues.
>Thanks and I'll summarize
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I didn't get as many responses as I'd hoped for, but enough. One person
suggested one route would be a PC or NCD Xterminal, which takes PC devices,
since there's a greater range of such devices for the PC world. Since that
brings up network issues, I didn't follow that up.

Another person said SunExpress once offered Logitech devices. I think there
may once have been a Logitech device for Sun, since I was referred to them when
I originally researched this question a couple of years ago, but I didn't get
anywhere. It was probably discontinued around that time.

A current SunExpress offering is a Mouse-Trak trackball by ITAC Systems
(wouldn't you know, the SunExpress catalog arrived the day after I posted).
Looks nice, but we went another route.

Through a friend of a friend, I located RC Labs in Sunnyvale, CA
(408-732-1986). They handle the Kurta tablets, and a Sun interface is
available. We have ordered one, but haven't received it yet.

Thanks to:

Steve Ozoa
CAD System Administrator 408-436-4292
ATMEL Corporation fax 408-436-4200 pager 408-233-5966

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