SUMMARY: how do you clear device busy

From: Alan Lichty (
Date: Mon Mar 06 1995 - 22:30:19 CST

Once again the list has come through in spades and inundated me with
solutions. The original question:

>The problem is a CD that we want to eject (mounted under vold) keeps
>telling us that the device is busy. We have checked to see that no
>one appears to be connected to any of the directories and we cannot
>determine what process has left us with this status. How do you
>determine what the offending process is and/or how can we clear this
>condition short of rebooting the machine.

I got 2 versions of how to figure out the offending process:

1. The builtin fuser command. (It works :-)

2. The PD utility called lsof. This critter is available via
anonymous ftp from:

and does also to the deed.

Thanks to:

Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child} <>
Neil Greene <>
Jas <matt@uts.EDU.AU>
Dan Transue <>
Gregory M Polanski <>
Greg Price <>
Pablo Ruiz <>
Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services <>
Chris Terry/Computervision <Chris_Terry/>
Steve Radford - UGTS <>

Alan Lichty
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