SUMMARY: Can't see print queue on one Sun -- Port problem?

From: John Dyson (
Date: Mon Mar 06 1995 - 12:05:53 CST

My original posting was about not being able to print to an HP 4M+
from a SPARC 1000 but could print just fine from a SPARC 20 - both
having HPNP installed. Dan Costin hit the problem right on the money -
the SPARC 1000 had NeWSprint installed:

"Are you running NeWSprint? Then jetadmin is not what you want.
I just went through this today. The problem becomes apparent when
you realize that jetadmin sets the destination port to /dev/null."

Below is his detailed, easy-to-follow, guide to setting up HPNP
with NeWSprint. I am still having a "cannot connect to port 9100"
error and am getting MIO 40 errors on the printer (I've been getting
these for a while), but I'm working on ironing these bugs out.

Thanks to all those replied!

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Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 12:38:39 -0800
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From: (Dan Costin)
Subject: Re: Can't see print queue on one Sun -- Port problem?

Here's what I did for NeWSprint:

- use jetadmin to get the BOOTP stuff set up; you can print test pages and
everything, but don't add the printer into the print queues
- start up add_np_printer, configure it as
        * a PostScript printer
        * output to Other...->/dev/ttyra (on my system that wasn't being
used for anything else, I suppose you need to figure out what's free in
your situtation)
        * hit the Install button
- get a process started by root to handle the other end of that
pseudo-device; I use
/usr/lib/hpnp/bin/hpnptyd -m /dev/ptyra -x seku -k
You probably want to put this in /etc/rc2.d in a startup file (I use
S80hpnptyd, I can send you a copy if you need, it's nothing much, really)

It'll print everything, text, postscript, whatever else NeWSprint can
handle. "man pl" will give you an idea of how all this happens magically.

"man hpnptyd" if you set up right should give you all the other options you
an use with hpnptyd, and some more technical detail.

I hope this is enough to get you going. If you get stuck, send me a note.

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