SUMMARY: Solaris Packages

From: Barry Donovan (bdo@salt.atb.CH)
Date: Sun Mar 05 1995 - 16:27:24 CST

Morning everyone,

I posted a question a week ago about having problems with installing GNU
packages downloaded from

I successfully uudecoded and gnu-unzipped them but then couldnt
install them using the swmtool, or any of the pkgadd, pkgtrans etc

Well (nervous cough, giggle, giggle, blush, blush) - I got it to work finally
- I merely had to add the name of the package to the pkgtrans command&#&#!!@&?#
i.e. pkgtrans /tmp/Bazz/FSFgdb /home/Bazz all *works* (instead of)
     pkgtrans /tmp/Bazz /home/Bazz all (gives 'no packages found
                                                  message' error message)

and then install it as normal using pkgadd or swmtool........
Oh Well - guess I must have been drunk when I tried this first or
something!! Must admit though - the package commands dont exactly
report the most illuminating error messages I've seen in my life.

Many thanks to the following for replying: - Gary Merinstein - Jeff Marble - Andrei Arkhipov
Included is the original query:
>Hows it goin' lads,
> I've downloaded gnu software from which (I thought)
>were created using the SUN Packaging Software.
>I uudecoded and gnu-unzipped the packages OK.
>Then I ran into problems using pkgadd, pkgtrans and the swmtool......
>None of these commands seem to recognise the 'packages' as packages....
>When I look at the file I get the following lines:
># PaCkAgE DaTaStReAm
>FSFgdb 1 4760
># end of header
>NAME=GNU Debugger
>DESC=GNU source-level debugger for Sparc Solaris 2
>VENDOR=Free Software Foundation
>07070100008b36000081b4000000750000000b000000012ed2ced700000ad900000093000000eb00000000000000000000000e00000004FSFgdb/pkgmap: 1 4760
>1 i copyright 672 55633 782241223
>1 d none gnu 0775 root bin
>1 d none gnu/bin 0775 root bin
>1 f none gnu/bin/gdb 0755 bin bin 933156 25193 785566214
>1 d none gnu/include 0775 root bin
>1 f none gnu/include/ansidecl.h 0644 bin bin 4358 25385 785566202
>1 f none gnu/include/bfd.h 0644 bin bin 75299 52840 785566201
>1 f none gnu/include/obstack.h 0644 bin bin 19529 58028 785566203
>1 d none gnu/include/readline 0755 bin bin
>1 f none gnu/include/readline/chardefs.h 0644 bin bin 1846 12500 785566232
>1 f none gnu/include/readline/keymaps.h 0644 bin bin 3200 6440 785566231
>1 f none gnu/include/readline/readline.h 0644 bin bin 9952 40535 785566230
>1 d none gnu/info 0775 root bin
>It seems to indicate that it IS a package in DaTaStReAm format...doesn't it?
>Running pkgtrans /tmp/Bazz /home/Bazz all
>gives an error saying that no packages were found.
>Running pkgadd -d /tmp/Bazz and swmtool gives the same error........
>Can anyone help me out here?
>I'm running Solaris 2.4 on a Pentium p90........
>Thanks, Bazz.


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