Summary: nfs timeout

From: John Stelling (
Date: Sat Mar 04 1995 - 01:47:02 CST

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I'm trying to transfer a .ps file between machines so it can be printed.
the local host is a Sparccenter 2000 running 2.3, the print server is
a Novell Netware server connencted to a xerox 123ppm printer/copier.
the machines are connected by a nfs mount (ie the print server directory
is mounted on the local host). the print file is ~13,000 pages (45MB).
when the file transfer is attemped, the error: nfs timeout, connection timeout
kills the transfer. If I gzip the file down to 5MB, it still times out.
I forced it over going thru 4 machines (ftp from unix to dos, move to a
machine with novell & novell copy to the print server). Unfortunately,
this took a few hours (totally too long). this print requirement is going
to occur at least once a month. any ideas about a solution.
if there's interest I'll summerize.

  make sure the mounts are hard not soft
  change the timeout setting

I've done both. I still get messages (server not responding) but the
hard mount forces it to continue trying untiil it gives the message
server ok.

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