SUMMARY: problem with lpd on 4.1.4 client

Date: Fri Mar 03 1995 - 07:19:31 CST

I initially wrote:

> I'm sure this is an easy problem, but it has me stumped. I have a
> SS20 running 4.1.4 that refuses to print to any remote printers. (It
> has no local printer). The printcap appears to be fine. I think that
> the problem is ubind, but I don't know what that is or where it is
> located.
> The culprit appears to be ubind. This is whats in my /var/adm/messages:
> ---------------------------------
> harp 102 # grep lpd /var/adm/messages
> Feb 26 08:28:56 harp lpd[208]: ubind: No such file or directory
> Feb 26 08:48:42 harp lpd[276]: ubind: No such file or directory
> Feb 26 16:52:36 harp lpd[1264]: ubind: No such file or directory
> Feb 26 16:54:48 harp lpd[1297]: ubind: No such file or directory
> Feb 27 10:20:17 harp lpd[131]: ubind: No such file or directory
> Feb 27 12:15:00 harp lpd[489]: ubind: No such file or directory
> Feb 27 12:25:27 harp lpd[590]: ubind: No such file or directory
> ---------------------------------
> What is ubind? Where is it located? I did a "find" on the IPX (also
> running 4.1.4) that is the host for sp253, but it did not locate any
> such file "ubind". Help would be greatly appreciated; I'll summarize.
> Thanks!

Thanks to the many people who responded (I'm afraid that I forgot to
save the email messages- in the future I will so that I can thank
properly). The problem was that this is a dataless client, and when
I upgraded its root partition on the server from 4.1.3 to 4.1.4 a portion
of the lpr security patch was lost. I had a /dev/lpr directory, but it
had the wrong permissions (0700, owned by root) and /dev/printer a
socket rather than a symlink to /dev/lpr/printer. By chmoding the
/dev/lpr directory and changing the /dev/printer to a symlink, everything
seems to work fine.

I also got several email messages from people suggesting that upgrading
to 4.1.4 may not actually be that hot of an idea. Since I have Ross
Hypersparc processors there is a definite advantage in my case to go to
4.1.4, but I'll keep a close eye on my machines and be prepared to back
out to 4.1.3_U1 if necessary.

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