Re: What's a Meta anyways (Summary)

From: Charles (
Date: Sat Mar 04 1995 - 07:58:40 CST

dks ( wrote:
: (teresa.l.smith) writes:

: >Summary
: > "Meta" key is the one with the little black diamond on it,
: > and this key is on either side of the space bar.

: yeah. I was pleasantly surprised when I hit the meta-w to close a window
: and meta-c and meta-v to copy and paste. Wonder where they thought this up?

Perhap's copied it from something Xerox did a while back?

        Harnad describes the status of Usenet aptly:
                a communication medium with revolutionary intellectual
                potential being used mostly as a global graffiti board.
                [Harnad 1991]

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