SUMMARY: Removing users from quota system

From: Ted Lilley (
Date: Wed Mar 01 1995 - 18:34:28 CST

I got a number of answers, thanks for all the help. The solution was best
stated by Casper Dik:

    Casper> You need to make all the fields for a specific user zero for all
    Casper> filesystems with quota.

    Casper> The easiest way to do is to invoke "edquota" with as environment
    Casper> variable "EDITOR" pointing to a script that does this
    Casper> automagically.

    Casper> E.g., a script like:

    Casper> #!/bin/sh

    Casper> perl -p -i -e 's/ = [0-9]*/ = 0/g' "$@"

    Casper> invoke edquota as (script is called quotazero):
    Casper> env EDITOR=/path/to/quotazero edquota user .....

Thanks to everyone else who gave me this solution.


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