SUMMARY: Rarp to get IP address

Date: Wed Mar 01 1995 - 03:12:39 CST

I received 2 replies:
  Michael Shon (michael.shon@East.Sun.COM) said, that the he was reasonable sure the ethers info need to be on the local server. I look at it and there was a problem with it. I fixed it, but it didn't solve my problem.

Someone else (which I lost suggeset something else)

I gave up on my test machine and configured it by hand. I got a new
batch and added the hostname only, to the bootparams and killed
rpc.bootparamd and ran "rarpd -d le0" and got it to work.

I don't know why it work. We have a Hughes lan system, Enterprise Hub
1000 and this workstation was plugged into a different board. I moved
it around and it seems that not all port are equal.

However, it is only the first step. Watch for a question on hostconfig.

nrd writes:
>I just received a bunch of classics with Solaris 2.4 already
>configured. When the boot up they seem to try to get their IP
>addresses with rarp.
>I get:
> Configuring network interfaces: le0.
> le0: auto-revarp failed: no RARP replies received
> Hostname:
>I set-up /etc/hosts /etc/eithers and /etc/netgroups and yp pushed
>them. Then on the the server on the same subnet I modified /etc/hosts
>and /etc/eithers. I killed any rarpd and rpc.bootparamd. Did arp -d
>hostname, started rpc.bootparamd and ran /usr/etc/rarpd -d le0.
>The server is running 4.1.3. It would be great, if I can do this. I
>have to move these many times.

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