SUMMARY:using sun C++ with solaris 1.X and 2.X

From: Rob Allan (
Date: Thu Feb 23 1995 - 05:17:48 CST

Sorry for the long delay on this summary, but our solaris machine was
having disk problems.

Here's the original post:

>We have the compiler set up and running fine on a box running
>4.1.3_U1. We are doing a test installation of Solaris 2.4 on another box.
>What I want to do is install the solaris 2.X version of the compiler
>on a partition on my 4.1.3U1 machine so that I can mount and run
>the compiler from the 2.4 machine.
>I cannot find a way to do this. The install tools assume you are only
>installing the compiler for the OS running on the install machine.
>I don't want to go through the cd and try to do this myself because
>I don't know what kind of twiddling the install program does.
>Has anyone done this? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I
>don't know how long the 2.4 machine will be available and I'd like
>to see if any of our stuff will compile cleanly under solaris.

The solution was to mount a partition from my 4.1.3 machine on the solaris
machine as /opt/SUNWspro with root access. I then installed the compiler
on the solaris machine with all the defaults. (I did NOT install the
licensing package.)

The install went fine, it just warned me that I needed root access on
the mounted partition.

The user set up required the regular path stuff and the the follwing env. var:


This has to be set to point to your license server's license file.
You can either mount the partition the license file is on, our you can ftp
the file to /opt/SUNWspro/license_dir. Just make sure the env var points to it.

Everything works fine now, I can compile fine on the solaris machine.

This solution was given to me by the following people, many thanks:

John Elliot <>
"Susan M. Menig" <ddq251f@shoes.Bell-Atl.Com>
Tom Orban <>
Ricky <>

Nico Garcia ( recommended that I stuff the sun complier and
get gcc and libg++ ... I am going to get a copy of this for my pd software.
It seems to me that gcc has taken the place of the bundled sun compiler
as the first port compiler for publc doamin softare.

An aside: I complained to a sun SE that the install program should let me
choose the version I wished to install. He basically told me they didn't
do this because they expected some users would be confused, install
the wrong version, and call sun to complain.

I think the time is right for a "solaris for dummies" book :(

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