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Date: Thu Feb 23 1995 - 01:42:19 CST

My original plea for help was:

>I'm brand new at openwin stuff, hope someone can help...
>Two years ago, when we installed SunOS 4.1.3 on our 630MP, all we had was
>VT220 terminals. With our budget, we didn't forsee it ever being any
>different, so when we installed from CD, we didn't load the openwin
>stuff. Now, certain software requirements dictate that we run either X11
>or OpenWindows.
>Is there a way to get it off the original distribution without
>re-installing the system? If not, can someone point me in the right

First, I want to express my appreciation to all who responded to this
question (listed below). The response was great and fast!

Most everyone replied that you can add additional software through the
"add_services" command in /usr/etc/install. One went a step further and
advised to choose the "edit existing release" option from the menu.

Several also said you could just mount the CD and look around and tar
off whatever you need (if you're sure what you need).

Thanks again for the help to (listed in order of response) :

Pamela Pledger <pamela@jupiter.Legato.COM>
Steve Elliott <>
"Paul E. Silun" <>
Tom Orban <>
John Hearns - System Manager <>
Nate Itkin <>
"Susan M. Menig" <ddq251f@shoes.Bell-Atl.Com>
"Robert D. Worsham" <>
Gregory M Polanski <>
Richard Skelton <>
Perry Hutchison <>
"Tino W. Dai" <>
Ron Spillane <>
"Ashwin P. Rao" <>
Mark Gibson <>

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