SUMMARY> Excel equivalent on Solaris

From: Simon-Bernard Drolet (
Date: Tue Feb 21 1995 - 12:55:58 CST

Hello Managers,

I did received a lot of answers...

Most of them pointed to Wingz from Informix (the product is now called
HSTools). This is the one we're checking at this moment...

Before I ask this question on Sun-Managers List, we did review Applix,
Lotus 1-2-3 and IslandCalc.

The Applix software is nice but doesn't fully support importing from Excel,
well, not enough for us.

The IslandCalc is nicer (GUI) but is not close enough to Excel for us.

We did try out Lotus 1-2-3 and I was REALLY disappointed ! It's
the old PC version that I study on 4 years ago... Really not user friendly!

Finally, some of you pointed out 20/20 from CA... We haven't check it!

Thanks to all of you, this mailing list is great!

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