SUMMARY: Re: Solaris 2.4 PPP problems...

From: Tommi Saarinen (
Date: Sat Feb 18 1995 - 12:24:19 CST

On 13 Feb 1995 12:44:33 GMT, I wrote:

> Looking for any good hints & suggestions what might be wrong here:

> We have two systems (both SS1+) running Solaris 2.4 with recommended
> patches. We are trying to get PPP running between them over a leased
> line and baseband modems (19.2 kbps). Our setup looks like this:

> +----------+ +----------+
> ! ! ! !
> ! system A !----leased line------! system B !----ethernet
> ! ! ! !
> +----------+ +----------+

> And then the problem:

> when trying to bring the link up (systemA% ping systemB) login
> procedure goes through ok and aspppls starts in system B, BUT the link
> never comes up.

> Obviously system A never sees the configure messages sent by system
> B. I.e. System A sends Config-Req, B replies with Config-ACK and sends
> it own Config-Req. A doesn't receive either reply or request from B
> and retries its request. B receives the Config-Req and replies, A
> never sees it and so on a few times until timeout occurs.

It turned out that the modem cable on system A had no connection on
pin 20 (DTR). When I replaced the cable PPP started working.

There is also a good cookbook on Solaris PPP. Look at

Thanks to everyone who replied, although no one suggested the cable.

--Tommi Saarinen

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