SUMMARY: YP passwd map on Solaris server

From: met (
Date: Wed Feb 15 1995 - 07:05:19 CST

The original problem is included below.

Here is the solution:

  1. The following should exist in the /etc/rc2.d/S71yp startup:

         if [ -f $YPDIR/rpc.yppasswd ];then
                 $YPDIR/rpc.yppasswdd /etc/yp/passwd -nosingle -m passwd
                  PWDIR=/etc/yp; echo ' yppasswdd\c'
         echo " done."

  NOTE: the /etc/yp directory can be anything but /etc.

  2. I moved my passwd file out of /etc and placed the original
      passwd file back into /etc. Updated the shadow file accordingly.

  3. changed the MakeFile so that the passwd file will be picked
      up from the new directory and then executed make.
  4. killed the yppasswdd with -15 and then restarted it.

Everything worked fine.

Basically, the passwd map can not exist in /etc.

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initial problem stated below:

   We currently changed our YP master server from a Sun OS 4.1.3
   server to a Solaris 2.3 server. Our heterogeneous network
   consists of Solaris 2.3 servers and workstations and Sun OS
   4.1.3 servers and workstations.

   Our problem is that the Sun OS machines do not recognize
   the shadow password file. They only recognize the YP passwd

   Is creating a YP map for the shadow file tha answer or is
   there an option to the rpc.yppasswdd daemon that tells the
   password daemon to look into the shadow file instead of
   the passwd file for the password.

   Currently, our users can not change their passwords on any
   machine except for the YP server and there they can only
   change the shadow password.

   Thank you ahead of time for any responses.

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