SUMMARY: Need LFU sample program(s)

From: David Lawrence Oppenheimer (
Date: Thu Feb 16 1995 - 01:21:17 CST

First of all, I've receieved a large number of requests for the location of
lfu. Among other places, it can be found at:

Also, I solved my question when I discovered that the man page actually _does_
provide a few example programs; the man page just uses a rather strange
formatting so that when I ran the man page through nroff -man, the portion of
the man page with the sample programs didn't show up. Viewing the man page
directly, formatting codes and all, revealed the hidden text.

And for those who wondered what lfu is, it's a program similar to rdist except
that (1) it is not inherently network-based [so it's useful for updating
filesystems residing on the same machine, for example one NFS-mounted and one
on local disk], and (2) it has what seems to be a more descriptive instruction
language than does rdist.

David Oppenheimer

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