Summary- CDROM busy problem

Date: Wed Feb 15 1995 - 23:34:08 CST

Several people responded to the question about not being
able to eject CD-ROM's after installing the SUN Pro compilers.
All of the responses were received after I had rebooted three
times (for three different compilers) so I have not tried any
of remedies.

Everyone sugested that there was a process running that was
still using the CDROM. The likly candidate is the license
manager which is common to all three installs and is restarted
each time new license information is added.

The most helpful sugestion was to use the fuser command
(new to me). This would have told me what processes were
using the CDROM and with the proper options kill these

Other brute force methods were sugested, however I prefer
not to do these. Reboot is about as brute force as I get.

        check /etc/vold.conf
        disabling volmgt (I did this the third install- no change)
        manually removing entries in mttab

Another person suggested the lsof command. This must be a miss type
as I cant find any reference to this command.

Thanks to all who took the time to respond.

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