SUMMARY sparcprinterII and postreverse error

From: John Dyson (
Date: Wed Feb 15 1995 - 18:23:31 CST

>I seem to remember some questions going on about NewsPrinter
>problems and hangs after a print, but I can't find any of
>the articles! I have a SPARCprinter II hanging off a sparc 1000
>running Solaris 2.4 and am getting a printer fault - not enuf
>space in /tmp (and there is *alot* of space in /tmp right now -
>few hundred meg!). The printer hangs until i do an lpshut, then
>restart lpsched

Thanks to the several replies I recieved pointing me to the
Solaris 2.4 patch 102113 and patch 102114 - both required to
fix problems running a sparcprinterII on a sparc 1000 under 2.4!

John Dyson

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