SUMMARY: problem configuring pc-nfs5.0

Date: Wed Feb 15 1995 - 10:25:10 CST

Thanks to the following individuals who have special kind interests in
my near despair problems:

Paul Hostrup-Jessen <>
"Daniel R. Penrod" <>,
WhoIsJohnGalt? <>,
John Hearns - System Manager <>,
ehsan-ul gaffur <>,e
"Robert H. Moyer" <>,
Dave Fetrow <>,
Bulent Ozunaldim <>

My problems:
> Hello,
> I have trouble configuring the Sun's pc-nfs 5.0 to work on my pc running
> Dos on an EtherLinkIII networking card.

You have an IRQ conflict.
Try changing the IRQ on the board. 5 is a good bet. Also make
sure you don't have any IO address conflicts. I usually set
our boards at 0x300h.

 1. Check the base address, interrupt vectors etc.. settings on the card and
    you gave in the PC-NFS setup. You can do this easier if you have the diag-
    nostic software of the card.
 2. If you have another PC working on the same network segment, get it and
    connect it to the network. If it does not work, there are two more
    possibilities :
     2.1. If you have thin ethernet, there may be a problem with the connector
          wiring etc..
     2.2. If you have a thick ethernet, there may be a problem with the drop
          cable or the transciever used.

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