SUMMARY: storing data on CD media

From: Dave Haut (
Date: Wed Feb 15 1995 - 04:44:39 CST

Hi Sun-managers,

About a month ago, I asked the following:

> Hi,
> Perhaps some of you can help me. I have a bunch of old CAD designs that are
> on 1/2-inch and 8mm tapes and I would like to put them on CD, or something
> like it.
> I would like to purchase a system that allows me to put a filesystem on a CD,
> mount the CD on my SunOS 4.x or Solaris 2.x system, copy the files over to
> it, unmount the CD, put another CD in, etc, etc ...
> Does anybody know of such a product. I will probably have to purchase a
> CD drive unit and some software that will allow me to mount it on my Sun, or
> perhaps the high sierra filesystem (hsfs) would work with it ...
> Does anybody know of such a product ??? If so, what are your experiences
> with it ?? I would like to store at least 500 MB on each CD.
> Thanks in Advance !!


I got about 10 replies. Most of you said that CD's were not the best way to go
because on a sun, you can only write to them once.

I decided to call SunExpress and ask them. They mentioned an optical
diskdrive that can write to 1.3 Gbyte cartridges. You can mount the cartridges
as a filesystem. It is made by artecon and has a GUI front end to manage the

I am currently considering purchasing this product. The cost ( ~$4100 - 10% )
seems reasonable and each cartridge holds 1.3 Gbyte of data. The cost of
the cartridges is $175 each or a 5-pack for $795. Below is a description of
the product that I get from SunExpress...

The phone number for SunExpress is (800) 873-7869

Thanks again for the help !!

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  \,o.O' Sys Admin
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SUNX-DSU1-300P3 price $4,025 I can sell at 10% off that Price!


Artecon 1.3-GB Erasable Optical Disk Drive

Artecon 650-MB and 1.3-GB Optical Disk Drives

Optical disk drives provide safe, reliable storage with a long media
shelf life of approximately 20 years. Now with increased capacity and
performance, erasable optical disks are being used for nearline storage
as well as archiving.

The ISO standard single-sided 650-MB and 1.3-GB multifunction
double-sided Erasable Optical Disk Drives from Artecon, Inc. come
bundled with ArteEOD software. ArteEOD provides a GUI, making file
system creation, surface analyzing, ejecting, initializing and
labelling as easy and fast as clicking on an icon. ArteEOD also allows
you to treat an optical cartridge just like a hard disk --

The 1.3-GB Optical Drive works with single-sided 650-MB cartridges,
double-sided 1.3-GB cartridges, and 1.0-GB ZCAV cartridges from
Maxoptix for maximum compatibility, and a fast average access time of
only 23.5 msec. One year on-site warranty from Artecon, Inc.


The new Artecon 1.3GB optical subsystem, can read and write to
cartridges that were created using the Artecon DSU1-300P1 and

The new 1.3GB drive is backwards compatible with both the 650-MB and
1.0-GB media.

> Long-lasting optical media provide long-term safe storage

> True random access speed on 5.25-inch removable media

> Bundled with ArtEOD software for fast, easy GUI-based media management

> Sun SPARC system

> Solaris 1.x or Solaris 2.x

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