SUMMARY: Remote printer on vax

Date: Wed Feb 15 1995 - 03:54:22 CST

<<I need to setup a remote printer on a sparc 10 with solaris 2.3, the
<<print server will be a vax with tcp/ip stack , my problem is related
<<with the name of the remote printer (queue) in my case is X30$PRINT,
<<well I can't setup a printer with this name, I've tried to do that
<<using admintool , and lpadmin directly, but the system doesn't accept
<<the name X30$PRINT because it assumes the contents of $PRINT and not
<<the name it self, I've tried to quote the name , but I didn't get good

Hi Sun Managers,

Thanks to all of you that answer to my question, specially
to Pedro Roque, that point me the right way to solve the problem,
           1 - lpadmin -p <local_printer_name> -s <remote_system>!<remote_printer>
           my <remote_printer> was "X29$PRINT", so the lpadmin strips out $PRINT
           2 - edit the configuration file for the printer "/etc/lp/printers/<ocal_printer_name>/configuration", and change the entry "Remote:"

                Content types: simple
                Printer type: unknown
                Remote: <remote_system>!X29$PRINT

        dont't forget to add the remote system to the "etc/lp/Systems" file.
        after that , "lpstat -t " and the printer is prepared to work..

Thanks to:
        Pedro Roque Marques <> (Brian Coogan) (Joakim Hartikainen) (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
        Andy McCammont (0119) <
        Bill Reed <> (Mattias Zhabinskiy 203-929-8810x251)
        Harold March <> Alain FAUCONNET
        "James E. Deaton" <> (Bismark Espinoza)

Best Regards,
//Victor Le'

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