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Many thanks to these gurus for their responses:
Chris Terry/Computervision
anthony baxter <> (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
Ricky <> (Bismark Espinoza) (Paul E. Silun)
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stern@sunrise.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer)
Kambiz Aghaiepour <kxaghai@srv.PacBell.COM>
I am trying to launch extra nfsd daemons on a Sun 690MP under 4.1.1, with
no success. It was my understanding that you could start nfsd daemons in
multiuser mode by just typing as root: /usr/etc/nfsd 8 & . I do that
but they start and exit gracefully. I have tried this on Soulbourne, and
Auspex with the same results. Probably and must likely *I am* doing something
wrong. Can someone tell what am I doing wrong ?
        - Kill existing nfsd and restart them with /usr/etc/nfsd <#> &
                Unfortunally I can't implement this right away, since I will
                have to wait for next crash or shutdown :(
        - Vi /etc/rc.local and change 'nfsd 8 &' to 'nfsd 32 &'.
                This is done, and just waiting for next shutdown or crash ;)

        - Start nfsd from the bourne shell.

                I tried it, but items above must be done first.

        - Do you have anything in /etc/exports ?? or have you run exportfs ??

                Yes this is an existing nfs server.

        - Use a larger number, the number you use indicates how many nfsd's
          you can have running simultaneous.

                I tried it, no luck.

        - I`m not shure,you may want to start the same number of "biod" as well.

                I tried this, no luck.

        - Once the nfsd processes are started, you can't add more. the nfsd
           process actually forks N copies of itself, and once that initial
           process is going you can't re-enter the same system call that starts
           more (in sunos 4.1.x).

                This one confirms everything above.



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