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From: J. Davis (
Date: Fri Feb 10 1995 - 09:03:35 CST

Thanks to those who responded to my question regarding the
su: no shell problem. The solution, thankfully, was simple.
I had checked directory permissions down through /usr/bin/sh
but had neglected to notice that '.' and '..' (ie, /) had
lost their world search privledges, not 0755.

Thanks to :

"Marc P. Rinfret" <> (Jordan)
Simon-Bernard Drolet <>,

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> Ok's a wierd one (guess they are ALL wierd
> before you figure them out!)
> One of our users on a solaris2.3 box (no NIS) tried to log
> in and got a 'no directory!' message, followed by another
> login: prompt. As a normal user, I myself got the same
> message, although my home directory is on a different file-
> system than the first user. OK. Login as root is fine. I
> start to check the 'obvious' things:

I had this one a while back. Are you sure the permissions are
correct? My problem was that a directory in the path (/) had
"lost" (!) its "search" permisssion (aka execute bit).

I solved that one by trussing 'su', and seeing that execlp (if I
remember correctly) was returning EACCESS. The execlp man
pages describes the situations where this error is returned.
> sys has no shell in /etc/passwd by default, but giving sys
> /bin/sh had no effect.

When not specified the default is /bin/sh.
> I'm hoping that someone has seen this before and can help
> me out. Any suggestions are welcome. Let me know if I need
> to supply more details, truss output, etc.

                                Hope this helps,

From: (Jordan)
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Have you check to make sure there is no /etc/nologin

From: Simon-Bernard Drolet <>
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You should verify the ownership of /. It sould be own by root and the group
should also be root. Also, the protection should be 755.

I had the same problem last week-end. Your problem is that when
/etc/rc2.d/S21perf is doing a su -c sys ..., / is not own by root, so
su ... fails.


Regards, J.

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